Available as an Electronic Book only (No printed books).

This New Arban Ebook is 985 pages. Below you see a few pages from it. It shows the 1st and last page of that 1 exercise. I show all keys of 1 exercise and a few samples of my new expanded exercises. The book includes all of the steps between those 2 extremes. You get LOTS of music to work on your range.

The Arban book has been the mainstay of Trumpet practice for well over 100 years. However; no revisions have ever been made to the exercises in it.
The range in the Arban book was stuck at the top of the staff; with a few limited High Cs included. For example there were 16 exercises for the C scale. Only 1 of the 16 had a high C in it. The majority of exercises were written for what is now a middle school range.

This is a problem because to expand you range, you have to practice to the top note of your range every day. If you only play 3-10 high Cs a day then High D will NEVER become a good note.The old Arban book was NOT written for this century. It was NOT even written for the last century.

Video showing the book and how to use it.

Available as an Electronic Book only (No printed books).

Pops' New Arban Book Complete
985 page Ebook
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My entire life people have talked about how we need to take those exercises and play them higher. But Nobody ever wrote them out; until now. I had a 1864 a 1879 and a 1893 copyright version and since it is in the public domain, I decided to fix the range issue.

I took representative exercises from each group of exercises and typeset them. They are displayed as is and then raised a step or half step depending on what fits the section better. I keep raising them until the top note is at least an octave higher than the original exercise. For example Key studies are done by half steps because that is the logical way to present them. The New Arban book has studies in every section that top out from the top of the staff up to Double High C.

That means that you have scales, arpeggios, tonguing drills and songs that go to your current limit and beyond. I did not include every exercise because doing them in every key would make this a 5000 page book. You wouldn't want 240 pages of double tonguing. LOL . I also left out the Art of phrasing and replaced that with some songs that work much better when extending your range.

I wrote some new material and expanded on Arban ideas in interesting ways. This material is at the back. In many ways this new material is ground breaking. In the Arban you had to do leaps of octaves and 1.5 was the max. My material teaches you to do 3 octave leaps. Another great thing is that many sections have new instructions (written by me) that go into detail about how to do the exercises.

Review by: Mark Curry (Curry mouthpieces)
The new Arban's-based book by Clint 'Pops' McLaughlin

This E-book (PDF form) takes the Arban original edition (pub. late 1800's) into the 2000's with respect to the modern-day requirements for range and technique. There are over 700 pages of variations on original Arban exercises and 200 more pages focused on 'Pops' Stuff.

The layout of this e-book is very similar to the original, with exercises chosen as the representative for that section. Pops expands the chosen exercise to include range expansion well above the high C's found in the original book, even venturing up to the Dubba C on many occasions.

Don't get the impression that this is merely Arbans up an octave. It's much more than that. Prefaces to each section have Pops; tips on how to execute correctly, with efficiency, while paying attention to our trumpet machine, our chops. It's like he's sitting right next to us on the couch, giving advice in person. Pops incorporates many of the ideas and tips he learned as a student of the late Don 'Jake' Jacoby into this book. His focus while studying with Jake was not only to become a better player, but a better trumpet teacher. As a result, the feel of this book is very familiar to those of us brought up in the UNT/ North Texas style of teaching. My own instructors include Ray Sasaki, Larry Engstom (both UNT alums via Ritchie-Clendenin at Fresno State) and a summer with Dave Hickman while at Champaign (U of I).

Of particular interest to me is the 'Pops' Stuff section. This is where the magic occurs. Many of Pops/Jakes fundamentals come into play here. For instance, keeping the top space G set as your benchmark embouchure set- relaxing to descend, contracting to ascend. Using Air Kicks properly to execute leaps and intervals. Tips on tongue arch and hiss applicable to the given exercise. Tricky scale studies that test our sight-reading abilities. These are all in there and, yes, the dreaded Sensation Studies (my personal peccadillo). I still have Ray Sasaki's handwritten version from a 1975 lesson. It made me sweat then, and it still give me the chills.

At the end of the book there's a great section on expanded range melodies and songs. These are particularly helpful to help increase our usable range. If you can play these with a beautiful singing quality you are making good progress (and maybe the neighbors will stop humming Finlandia LOL).

Evident throughout, Pop's teaching style of not micro-managing our trumpet machine but rather focusing on playing the exercises is an almost indirect method that releases our conscious thought process from the endless minutiae we so often get caught up in. We learn by doing. When we run into problems, Pops methods lead us to the answer behind the door. All we have to do is open it.

In short, there's no shortcut to great trumpet playing. If you can manage one exercise out of each section of this book every day you will progress beyond far beyond your expectations. Congrats on a job well done!

Mark Curry

Pops' New Arban Book Complete
985 page Ebook
Free atFree Here

Comments posted on my facebook page about the New Arban book.

This will set a new standard for todays trumpet playing.

Pops..just downloaded the New Arban...genius!!!

The new Arban book is just what a modern Trumpet player needs!

The .pdf edition opens and works great with an iPad using the iBook App. With the index and page numbering searching goes super fast... Thanks again Pops!

The original Arban's book that I feel that I got bored with years ago has a new twist. We have all heard of stories about Maynard Ferguson taking the exercises up a step, then up two steps, etc. Playing actual music higher and being able to practice playing musically. Now exercises and music are written in the real complete range of the trumpet to get better at playing musically in the whole range of the trumpet which is necessary on our gigs nowadays.

It is nice to have this all written out and be able to work from this to develop the playing techniques that need to be done in the right octave or at least where I am going to have a break in sound quality and work that spot. I have only had it for a couple of days but I looked through the fingers section, leaps and a few others that isolate the technique with an appreciation for what the book has. I still can't get over the size though!

Boredom and lack of challenge is not going to be associated with this trumpet book.
Gene Rountree

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